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At the essence of DONA is the dedication to create and carry out tailor-made projects, valuing beauty, the unusual, sophistication and exclusivity.

We thinking in every detail so that the experience of living in a DONA property is unique and special.

In its 23 years of history, a blend of exclusive projects have been produced that value well-being and quality of life.

We launched and built more than 500 units, in more than 20 developments in Brazil and Portugal.

We have built a solid, successful career with a remarkable sales speed, culminating in 3 ADEMI awards, one of the most respected in Brazil.

The international path began in 2015, in Portugal, with the launch of Nouveau Lisboa, a great sales success, and today we have developments in Estoril, Cascais, Porto and Algarve.

“Taylor-Made” projects developed with attention to people and the environment, taking into account the history, the vocation of each place, seeking an organic integration so that the experience of living is perfect. We always seek to build rare homes designed for a lifetime.


Leão Engenharia started its trajectory in 1995, in Brazil, with a vast portfolio of works and projects in the state of Bahia.

Over the years, the company has left its mark of seriousness and solidity, earning the respect of its customers, suppliers and the entire market, culminating with three ADEMI awards, one of the most respected awards in the construction sector in Brazil, in the categories of social responsibility, launch of the year and revelation company.

In its 25 years of operation, the company delivered, strictly on time, more than 350 projects, more than 1,000 units, distributed in more than 20 developments. Its differentiated projects, the quality of the construction and the ability to build lasting relationships helped LEÃO ENGENHARIA to reach higher and higher levels.

Positioning itself as an innovative and transparent brand focused on the quality and seriousness of the services provided to society, always with ethics and responsibility.

The brand, which was already recognized and admired by customers and suppliers, would soon be perceived with more attention by the market as a whole, for its lessons in entrepreneurship, rooted in social responsibility.


Founded in 1980, JOTAGÊ operates in several segments of Civil Construction, having developed and executed its projects respecting strict procedures and deadlines.

Infrastructure, Residential, Commercial, Hotels and Shopping Centers projects, all carried out with a high standard of quality and excellence.

Our performance is the result of a serious investment in trained and motivated professionals, who guarantee a standard of high quality and innovative services.

As a result of the high level of professionalism, JOTAGÊ has become a solid, respected and highly qualified company, getting in more than 30 years of operation, a prominent and successful place in the Real Estate and Civil Construction market in all its segments.

With the experience of someone who has built more than 35 years of history, JOTAGÊ is a consolidated brand, clearly carrying in its corporate image the attributes inherent to what the company actually is: A solid, innovative, enterprising company with a great reputation in the market.

We respect work safety standards and preserve the environment.